Shap Award

Every year between 1998 and 2014 Shap presented an award to someone, or some organisation, that had made an outstanding contribution to RE. The person or persons concerned were invited to one of our meetings, received the award, and in return offered a presentation or seminar to discuss the work on which the award was based. Further, in those now unfortunately too regular years in which one of Shap’s founding members, or stalwarts of yesteryear, has died, the award was presented in his or her name, and someone who knew the person well was invited to speak about him or her.

Shap awards

Award Winner
Presented in memory of Owen Cole. Three Faiths Forum (3FF) for their valuable contribution to Education in Religions
  Dr Denise Cush and Dr Catherine Robinson for their Living Religion project
Presented in memory of Cherry Gould Dr Bill Gent for his work in editing the REsource magazine
  Faith Initiative Interfaith Magazine for its contribution to interfaith understanding
Presented in memory of Herbert Schultz Geoffrey Marshall-Taylor for services to religious education broadcasting
  Articles of Faith for its contribution to the use of artefacts in the teaching of religious education
  St Mungo Museum for its contribution to education about religion and spirituality at all levels.
Presented in memory of John Finel Linda Mort and Katy Jones: DVD sets 'A Child’s Eye View of Festivals'
Presented in memory of Professor Geoffrey Parrinder Geoff Teece: Religious Education: a pocket guide to the primary curriculum (Scholastic 2001)
  Sue Phillips: for an innovative approach to Teaching and Learning in Secondary Schools using the Theatre of Learning Approach.  
  Shirley Firth: for her work in bereavement across the religions and cultures  
  Gwilym Beckerlegge: on behalf of the Open University Publications that have supported Religious Studies over many years  
Presented in memory of Professor Ninian Smart Paul Weller: on behalf of the team at the Multi-Faith Centre at the University of Derby for the Religions in the UK Directory 2001-03  
  Eleanor Nesbitt and Gopinder Kaur: Indic Values Series 2: Guru Nanak (RMEP, 1999)  
- Susan Stronge ed: The Arts of the Sikh Kingdoms, (V&A, 1999)  
Presented in memory of Rabbi Hugo Gryn Kim Knott: A Very Short Introduction to Hinduism, (Oxford, 1997)