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Agreed Syllabuses and World Religions

Which Agreed Syllabus contains most material in the field of World Religions? Which syllabus inspires the greatest depth or largest insights into two or more faiths?


I would like to learn more about the fasting for an Orthodox Christian over the forthcoming weeks. Many thanks.

Ethical Issues in World Religions

Which three ethical issues would be particularly helpful in a comparative study of Indian religious traditions?


How many New Year festivals do Hindus observe? Are they all equally important?


Is agnosticism or atheism closer to the spirit of Humanism?

Inter Faith Dialogue

Who are 'the people of the Book'? Are the scriptures of non-Semitic traditions equally as important as the Semitic ones for promoting dialogue between different faiths?


Does any branch of Islam have a requirement for Muslim men to keep their heads covered in public?


Why are some festivals called major and others minor? Are Hanukah and Purim really less important than Succoth?

Other Important Faiths/Traditions

RE: Greek Orthodox Christians Sunday 23 April, St George\'s Day Monday 24 April, Easter Monday Question - Is Monday 24th April a religious festival for Greek Orthodox Christians?


Is the Adi Granth the same as the Guru Granth sahib? If not, what is the difference, which came first, and is one more important than the other?

World Religions in General

There are Referees besides each entry on the Calendar. What do they relate to?

World Religions in the Primary School

Please suggest three topics for Year 6 children to study as preparation for a multi-faith programme in their first year in their secondary school.

World Religions in the Secondary School

Which religious traditions would you judge to be least suitable for study in the first two years of secondary education?