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Welcome to Shap - The Shap Working Party on World Religions in Education
(Registered Charity No. 271510)

For details about the membership of Shap and its officials please see the contacts page

The Shap Working Party on World Religions in Education was set up in 1969 to broaden the basis of education at all levels by encouraging the study and teaching of world religions. It seeks to achieve its aim by producing accurate information and resources for those involved with religious education and religious studies

Members come from a variety of religious backgrounds and represent experts from all fields of education, from primary schools to universities. The publications we produce are now widely regarded by schools, industry, politicians and social services as the authoritative texts about world religions

Our mission statement:


  • to promoting excellence in the study of religions at all levels and in all types of education
  • to bringing together people who have expertise in both religious studies and religious education
  • to working with those in universities, colleges, secondary, primary and special schools
  • supporting those in other spheres of professional life who work with different religious communities


  • an accurate understanding of religious beliefs and practices
  • the importance of these in the lives of believers/belongers
  • how a religious person might see the world
  • the importance of understanding religion for the development of learners


  • annually, a mailing with:
    • a journal, with a primary supplement, on a key theme - the last edition of the journal was 2011.
    • an e-calendar for display, with a booklet of explanatory notes plus 12 images by David Rose
  • periodically, books


  • to liaise with policy makers at both national and local level
  • to support initiatives in the teaching of world religions
  • an advisory service through its members
  • conferences and meetings
  • an annual award for excellence in published resources for teaching world religions - this has been discontinued from 2011.