Shap Jubilee compendium

Welcome to this electronic compendium of resources and documents recording the achievements of Shap over the last 50 years.
You can access the files by clicking on the 'download' button.
    Dedication to John Hinnells
1 Contents of this compendium
2 Clive Lawton Prologue from the Shap president
3 Peter Woodward Introduction and Dedication
4 Clive Lawton Programme for the Jubilee April, 2019
5 Brian Gates Members attending Jubilee April, 2019
6 Clive Lawton The Presidential Jubilee address
7 Brian Gates Shap's initial aims and current achievements
8 Paul Hopkins Key successes and reasons for closure
9 Shap Records Shap members, past and present and guests to the Jubilee.

Alan Brown
Roger Butler
Malcolm Deboo
Wendy Dossett

Brian Gates
Angela Gluck
Richard Gombrich
Mary Hayward
Paul Hopkins
Roger Howarth
Bob Jackson
Ursula King
Anne Krisman
Clive Lawton
Peggy Morgan
Eleanor Nesbitt

Brian Pearce
Roy Pitcher
Jim Robinson
Gill Rose
David Rose
Peter Schreiner
Alison Seaman

Deborah Weston
Pat Woodward
Peter Woodward

10 Shap Records (a) A Rogues' Gallery of Shap Members and guests attending the Jubilee
(zip file)
  Shap Records (b) Other Members' photographs (zip file)
11 Shap Records Complete alphabetical list of all Shap Members: 1969-2019
12 Shap Records List of current Shap Members and Commitments
13 Shap Records Tributes to sixteen deceased Shap Members – from Journals and website

Bill Henderson
Vida Barnett
Rabbi Hugo Gryn
Riadh El Droubie
Elizabeth Wilson
Viscount Combermere
Ninian Smart
Geoffrey Parrinder
John Finel
Herbert Schultze
Cherry Gould
Owen Cole
John Rankin
John Hinnells

14 Shap Records List of Shap Officers 1969-2019
15 Peter Woodward Who’s Who in the Shap Working Party’s publications
Biographical notes about contributors to Shap Publications
16 Shap Records Other Shap Members not mentioned above
17 Mary Hayward Shap: A brief history of Shap
18 John Rankin 30 years on - an article about the history of Shap from the 1999 journal
19 Shap Records Articles of Governance for the Shap Working Party Ltd. Articles of Gov. (1)
Articles of Gov. (2)
Articles of Gov. (3)
20 Shap Records Minutes of Shap AGMs, General Meetings and Agenda 2001-2018
(zip file)
21 Mary Hayward
Peter Woodward
Complete list of Shap Courses and Conferences
22 The Shap Journal (a) Complete list of Journal Articles grouped by faith/tradition: '78-'09
  Shap Records (b) Complete list of Journal Articles groups by Author - '78-'09
  Shap Records (c) Titles of important Journal Articles: 1 selected for each year, '78-'09
23 Shap Records (a) Shap Publications: A Review of Shap Publications
  Shap Records (b) Shap Publications: Both Commissioned and Member inspired
  Shap Records (c) Shap Publications: Contents Pages for items in 23b
  Shap Records (d) Shap Publications: Excerpts from 23b above
24 Peter Woodward (a) The Shap Calendar of Religious Festivals - Journal 1996
  Clive Lawton (b) 'Do you want the number?' - Journal 2000
  Shap Records (c) Calendar Editorials 1972-2018
  Peter Woodward (d) The Shap Calendar: A Treasure of Diversity
  Calendar Group (e[i]) The Shap Calendar 2019 - download copy - January to June
  Calendar Group (e[ii]) The Shap eCalendar 2019 - download copy - July to December
  Calendar Group (e[iii]) The Shap eCalendar 2019 - festivals booklet
  Calendar Group (e[iv]) The Shap Wallchart 2018-19 - sample copy
  David Rose (f) The Shap Pictorial Calendar: The role and need for visual imagery
  Calendar Group (g) Shap Pictorial Photos 2012-2018 (zip file)
  Calendar Group (h) Shap Pictorial Captions 2012-2018 (zip file)
25 Peggy Morgan
Mary Hayward
(a) The Shap Archive: An overview
  Archive Group (b) Lists of Archive documents submitted to Bodleian Library at Oxford 2004
  Archive Group (c) Lists of Archive documents to Bodleian Library at Oxford 2018
26 Paul Hopkins
Roger Butler
The Shap Audio Glossary – Description and Uses
    Access to the Audio Glossary
27 Shap Records List of Recipients of Shap Awards – 1998-2014: Criteria and Choice
28 Shap Records Shap Sub-Group Activities and Members
29 Shap Records Links to other organisations (e.g. REC; IFN; RE:ONLINE etc.)
30 Paul Hopkins The Shap Website - Descriptive article about items listed therein
    Access to a copy of the Website
31 Peter Woodward Jubilate! Jubilate! Jubilate!